Super Cute Lego Robot

Showcase Cute Robot.jpg

Today I built this little robot and submitted him to LEGO ideas in the hope they might make him into a set. That’d be rather nice! I have also made a video on how to make him here –¬†

I’ve been making lots of videos but I am having a job getting people to view them. The responses have been good from the views I’ve had and they are going up slowly.

I guess the answer to is to keep making quality content – that’s what I’ve been told anyway. ūüôā


Living Builds – Lego building Lego

I have been working hard making more Living Build videos where instead of simple stop motion, I animate the lego models coming together – sometimes with the minifgures helping out.

My latest model is the Lego Firetruck – Model 60107 – which I got for the bargain price of ¬£11 in the sale. It’s a great model including two firefighters, a huge ladder, a winder and some other really useful parts.

You can see the youtube video by clicking the picture below or clicking this hyperlink.



Tiny Groot builds a spaceship

Today I completed a short film of the Lego set Ayesha’s Revenge (set 76080) being built by the minifigures from the set. I’m really enjoying doing these films but I am finding it so hard to get anyone to watch them. I think the people who watch them DO enjoy them but its getting the word out there. The advice I’ve had it just to keep making content and people will start to take notice. Like I’ve often said – ‘if it was easy, everyone would be doing it’.

This time I’ve opted to do a newly released set in the hope that it’s a bit more current¬†and so people getting excited about the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 film might come and take a look.

Please take a look by clicking on the big picture above.

This was a fun film to make. Tiny Groot was a great help and I enjoyed making him cute and a bit naughty. Thanks for reading. James


Living Lego Speedbuilds

I was wanting to try my hand at pure Lego speedbuilds but I felt that perhaps it lacked a way for me to vent my creative ideas and it also has been done dozens of times before.

Tiny Helpers Volcano 2.jpg

The solution was what I call a Living Build which is where the LEGO set is constructed in Stop Motion but the mini figures are animated and help me to build the model (or sometimes get in the way). It still allows me to have some fun, be creative and tell a few funny stories but it makes the process of making films less intensive and allows me to do something I really love – build LEGO right out of the box.

I’ve made two so far and the links are below.

Volcano Explorer Base –¬†
Stunt Truck –¬†

Feel free to check them out and send me your feedback. Cheers – James


April Fools – Lego Style

I am entering a competition for Aprils Fools Day –¬†

So far I have built the set and written the script  and today I start filming. Here are a few photos from the set.


It should take me about three days to complete the film but I won’t be able to put it on my YouTube channel till after the contest.

Thanks for reading – James

LEGO – I’ve never had so much fun!

Hi there, I’m James and I’ve recently got back into LEGO! It’s amazing and makes me feel like a kid again. From buying the nice new shiny boxes to building the models step by step – the whole experience is amazing. So as I was playing (and grinning) I thought – how can I do this for a job?

Well, I’d have some success in the world of self-employment so I decided to apply my skills to Lego. I write as a trade – stories and the such (despite my poor typing) and I thought – I can tell stories in Lego, and maybe, if I get any good, I can make some pennies via youtube.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 12.16.18.png

So I got myself a camera and some software and I’m making films. I’ve made three so far (though one is a two parter so technically 4). I’m starting slow and learning the basics but as time goes by I’ll be trying to tell better stories and improving¬†at the animating side of things. Please take the time to have a looky.

At the moment I am working on an animation for a competition.

But of course I’ll be adding my own spin on things.


Thanks for reading and I’ll let you know how I get on. James