A Brief History of James

I was born in the Forest of Dean in the UK, which gives me a birthright to mine coal in certain areas of the forest. I have never used that birthright but I like having it. It makes me feel a little more like someone from a fantasy novel.

I grew up in Cheltenham and always wanted to be an Artist / Park Ranger. Neither of these things really happened. Sure I do a lot of art but I don’t sell it and will spend months creating nothing artistic, but what I do really enjoy and do most days, is writing.

During my time at university I wrote a role-playing game which was published a few years after I finished. To me, writing was a way to make real all the fantastic worlds and stories which lived in my head. I’m not really good enough at art to make them appear on paper, but I can string words together well enough that I think you’d get what I’m trying to say.

Over the next 15 years I wrote another seven game books and a host of miscellaneous bits and pieces including half of around six novels but more recently I have found that pure story telling is my passion. I recently finished my first book and have published it on Amazon. I’m halfway though the sequel and have started this blog to let people know how my journey goes.

Thanks again for reading.