Tiny Groot builds a spaceship

Today I completed a short film of the Lego set Ayesha’s Revenge (set 76080) being built by the minifigures from the set. I’m really enjoying doing these films but I am finding it so hard to get anyone to watch them. I think the people who watch them DO enjoy them but its getting the word out there. The advice I’ve had it just to keep making content and people will start to take notice. Like I’ve often said – ‘if it was easy, everyone would be doing it’.

This time I’ve opted to do a newly released set in the hope that it’s a bit more current and so people getting excited about the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 film might come and take a look.

Please take a look by clicking on the big picture above.

This was a fun film to make. Tiny Groot was a great help and I enjoyed making him cute and a bit naughty. Thanks for reading. James



Living Lego Speedbuilds

I was wanting to try my hand at pure Lego speedbuilds but I felt that perhaps it lacked a way for me to vent my creative ideas and it also has been done dozens of times before.

Tiny Helpers Volcano 2.jpg

The solution was what I call a Living Build which is where the LEGO set is constructed in Stop Motion but the mini figures are animated and help me to build the model (or sometimes get in the way). It still allows me to have some fun, be creative and tell a few funny stories but it makes the process of making films less intensive and allows me to do something I really love – build LEGO right out of the box.

I’ve made two so far and the links are below.

Volcano Explorer Base – https://youtu.be/dAUShQN3ZY4
Stunt Truck – https://youtu.be/Vcp02-RMbBg

Feel free to check them out and send me your feedback. Cheers – James