Living Builds – Lego building Lego

I have been working hard making more Living Build videos where instead of simple stop motion, I animate the lego models coming together – sometimes with the minifgures helping out.

My latest model is the Lego Firetruck – Model 60107 – which I got for the bargain price of ¬£11 in the sale. It’s a great model including two firefighters, a huge ladder, a winder and some other really useful parts.

You can see the youtube video by clicking the picture below or clicking this hyperlink.




LEGO – I’ve never had so much fun!

Hi there, I’m James and I’ve recently got back into LEGO! It’s amazing and makes me feel like a kid again. From buying the nice new shiny boxes to building the models step by step – the whole experience is amazing. So as I was playing (and grinning) I thought – how can I do this for a job?

Well, I’d have some success in the world of self-employment so I decided to apply my skills to Lego. I write as a trade – stories and the such (despite my poor typing) and I thought – I can tell stories in Lego, and maybe, if I get any good, I can make some pennies via youtube.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 12.16.18.png

So I got myself a camera and some software and I’m making films. I’ve made three so far (though one is a two parter so technically 4). I’m starting slow and learning the basics but as time goes by I’ll be trying to tell better stories and improving¬†at the animating side of things. Please take the time to have a looky.

At the moment I am working on an animation for a competition.

But of course I’ll be adding my own spin on things.


Thanks for reading and I’ll let you know how I get on. James